Dogs are attracted to sticks because of the shape – sticks look like bones. And what could be better than a Stick that has delicious Mint flavoring that helps control bad breath? Specially designed for Mr. Stinky Mouth!

Pet Qwerks BarkBone Breath Chew STICK is made from durable, FDA-compliant nylon, MINT flavoring, and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin that boosts your furry kid’s dental health. All ingredients are sourced in the USA and proudly Made in the USA.

The BarkBone Chew STICK is designed for easy pick-up and hold when chewing. It’s a long-lasting Stick that can withstand heavy chewers. Spot can now enjoy a Mint flavored Stick without breaking it. It makes for a very entertaining experience, keeps your dog busy, and discourages destructive behavior.

Great Benefits:

✓ Giving your dog non-edible bones massages their gums and provides scraping action on their teeth, much like a dental hygienist descaling the plaque from human teeth.
✓ Made of durable nylon and flavoring. Nylon is an extremely durable material and chew marks are to be expected.
✓ It provides excitement with its delicious Mint flavor throughout.
✓ Designed for easy pickup and to comfortably hold while chewing.

Size Medium

BarkBone Stick Medium - Mint Flavor