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especially for brushing and removing excess dead hair.

Use dog rakes to brush and remove excess undercoat, especially on long-haired dogs.

BUSTER grooming tools offer a complete range of products for all types of dog and cat coats. The superior quality and functional design of BUSTER Grooming ensures a pleasant and efficient grooming experience at every stage of grooming.

Especially suitable for long-haired and semi-long-haired dogs with a lot of undercoat and heavy shedding (with very intense shedding).

Removes wool or dead and matted hair easily. Very comfortable.

The result is a shiny and lively coat.

Non-slip T-style handle ergonomically designed to eliminate hand and wrist strain and fatigue.

Very strong metal bristles with rounded tip to avoid scratching the animal's skin.

Size 14 cm

Buster Undercoat Rake

SKU: Rakecombbuster
$6.00 Regular Price
$2.10Sale Price
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