About Love My Eyes


After years of request for a good tear stain removal product, Pure Paws researched and developed what we think is the perfect solution for perfect stain free eyes.


Pure Paws did not want to launch a tear stain removal product that was damaging to the coat.  After extensive research, studying the tear stain problem, products that are already on the market and how can the process be made better with no damage to the coat; we have found the products we are proud to attach to the Pure Paws name.


The Pure Paws Love My Eyes Tear Stain Program is a topical tear stain removal process that was designed to effectively and safely remove tear staining. The program has four steps, each very important to achieve maximum tear staining removal without damaging the coat. 


 Pure Paws has designed this product to be gentle to keep the coat safe. Since this is a gentle product, it must be understood that this is not an overnight process, but must be applied 2-3 times every day to see optimum results. 


 When desired results are achieved, daily maintenance must be done with Love My Eyes to maintain a clean tear-stain free coat.


Step 1

  • Carefully Apply Love My Eyes Foam to the stained area by hand or quilted facial cotton rounds.* 
  • Work the cleanser into the stained area of of coat.
  •  Follow with Step 2 - Love My Eyes Debris Cleanser 

*It is not recommended to use cotton balls as the stray fibers may get the product into the eyes.

NOTE: It is very important to keep out of the eyes. If it does get in eyes - flush with water.


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