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Instead of floral prints for spring and summer months, we now give you another smart choice to consider! The Zesty Fruit Collection, which features citrus and sweet fruit prints as an alternative to mix things up. Your beloved pups would be equipped with your favorite summer snacks prints. Who can resist the temptation from lemon, pineapple, watermelon and strawberry as healthy refreshments? Items from this collection are great choices for the weekend trips and beach days during sunny season.


  • Crafted in the best-selling collar structure with made to last D-ring, easy-to-clip buckle, and smooth webbing.
  • The accessory is included for dressing up. It is detachable and can be taken off.
  • Easy to put on and off


  • Collar - 100% polyester webbing
  • D-ring - chromed steel


Wipe to clean

Zesty Fruit Dog Collar Lemon

$19.99 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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